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Services offered

Our Portrait Packages

Basic Package

  • 30 minutes shoot
  • 5 retouched images
  • you get 20 enhanced images


The Boom Package

  • 1 hour photoshoot
  • 8 retouched images
  • 25 enhanced images
  • 4 pcs 4x6" photo prints


The Deluxe Package

  • 1-2 hour photoshoot
  • 10 retouched photos
  • 30 enhanced images
  • 3x4 feet canvass print on frame


Photobooth Rental

Affordable photobooth Rental in Toronto Ontario and nearby area

Affordable PhotoBooth Rental

Your guests will have the time of their lives at your wedding or event with our Photo Booth.

They will go home with unique & personalized keepsakes that they will cherish forever!

Popular Photo Booth Package includes

  • 2 Full Hours
  • Professional Camera and Lighting
  • Unlimited photo 4x6 or strips/Photo sharing only
  • Fun Props
  • Copy of all images
  • External slideshow of event pictures
  • Props
  • 1 photobooth assistant
  • Set-up & Tear Down


Video Tour / Video Commercial

We record video in Full HD quality as it is the standard for all types of phones, computers, and monitors.

It is the easiest and the fastest quality to process. We use a video stabilizer called gimbal to create that smooth transition in every scene, accompanied by creative movements to tell a story.  It can create an attractive video.

it's all about telling and communicating something to your audience.

Start Up Package Video Tour

  • 2-3 minute video tour for real estate or
  • 40 seconds to 1 minute video commercial for businesses
  • 12 hours upto 24 hours delivery time
  • Hosted on youtube as a private or unlisted. A link will be given to you to download the video and use it for commercial purpose.

Aerial Drone Video and photography

We fly a small but great drone that can record 4k, 2.7k, video quality and shoot photos in HDR. This little drone can be set up quick and easy. This drone is a “sub250” that does not require us to get a pilot certificate.

We have studied the R.P.A.S. (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) documentation to understand the dos and don’ts of flying a drone.

This drone can get the job done quick and affordable!

Start Up Package

  • 10 aerial photos
  • 2-3 mins video
  • All edited
  • 12 to 24 hours turn around time.

$250 + tax

Real Estate Photography

Interior/Exterior Photography

We combine the method of flambient & HDR technique.

Flambient is a great technique used in real estate, it uses flash and ambient light to get the accurate color and to expose the darkest part of your image taking several photos in different F-stop while incorporating the flash will give you better, clearer and color accurate images.

In post process we combine those images to make image brighter and sharper, this is tricky part, but we got it all covered for you!

Start Up Package

  • 30-40 photos depends on the area of the house to be photograph.
  • 20 - 30 edited images
  • 12 hours upto 24 hours delivery time
  • All images are edited, resized for web optimization.

$150 + tax

Web Design

A new skill acquired from studying web design gives me another edge. Most of businesses now have it's own internet presence to keep up with the technology today. Web design is a process of doing competitive research, proper arrangement of your information on your website, with consistent look and responsive layout on all through out your pages, color combination, typhography, interactivity and much more.

But don't worry we are here to help you out.

Web Design is not just about design it's how you connect to your customers.

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